DJI Enterprise Shield Basic for Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

316,26  (Exc.VAT)

DJI Care Enterprise was specially created to provide comprehensive protection for your DJI Enterprise products. Offering free repair services for accidental damage such as crashing, water damage, or signal interference. This efficient and total accident protection service provides greater peace of mind for your entire DJI fleet.

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Water Damage Coverage

Fly fearlessly with DJI Care Enterprise, replace your aircraft even if its water damaged. these replacement units are also provided for the following:

  • Crash & Collision Damage
  • Signal Interference
  • Other accidents possible by user damage

Free Delivery

DJI Will cover all the shipping costs when you are using DJI Care Enterprise Service, helping you to enjoy an optimal experience.

Enterprise Shield Basie for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual allows you to claim 2 replacements within a year at a much lower price

  • 1st Replacement – 259€
  • 2nd Replacement – 309€

Enterprise Renew

This service can be extended by purchasing the DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew, please get in touch with our sales team for more information.

If you purchase this and it offers a single unit low price replacement which will be offered if damage occurs to the product within one year. THe official warranty period will be extended by 12 months.

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