Kolida K20s (692 channels)

2.995,00  (Exc.VAT)

Kolida K708 board

The latest inertial measurement technology is onboard with K20s IMU. The tilt survey is no more affected by the earth’s magnetic field and requires no correction. It can be activated and start working within only few seconds.

(Version with no IMU)

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With a maximum tilt angle of 60 °, there is no need for centering, this fast positioning will increase measurement speed by over 30%.

Package content:

  • 1x all direction antenna
  • 1x battery charger and adapter
  • 1x hard plastic case
  • 1x Engineering star (Windows)
  • 1x hard plastic carrying case
  • 1x receiver adapter
  • 1x measuring plate
  • 1x RS-232 to OTG cable

Kolida K20s datasheet (692 channels)

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