Wingtra UAV professional package with RXIRII

Recommended for professionals seeking exceptional qaulity imagery and broad coverage. The 42 MP full-frame camera offers just that.

  • 1x Wingtra UAV, ready to fly (the “WingtraOne”)
  • 1x Sony RX1RII camera + lens, fully integrated
  • 1x Tablet including ground control software WingtraPilot (for mission planning & inflight monitoring),
  • remote control and telemetry module
  • 1x Charging station
  • 2x Sets of batteries
  • 1x Carrying sleeve
  • 1x Carrying case for accessories including basic spare parts (1 pair propeller, 1 pitot tube, 1 pair of side stands).
  • 1 x Torx Screw Driver T10
  • Free email support and online knowledge base.


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