GeoCalc SDK

The GeoCalc Software Developer Toolkit (also known as an API) entitles one developer to work with the SDK to develop custom applications.

(Price on request)

Blue Marble GeoCalc SDK is a powerful toolkit for developers working with geospatial data. It allows you to embed sophisticated and precise coordinate transformation capabilities into your custom software applications. Here’s a short description:

What it does:

  • Transforms coordinates between different reference systems (e.g., latitude/longitude, UTM, etc.)
  • Reads and writes various geospatial file formats (e.g., shapefiles, KML, etc.)
  • Performs geodetic calculations (e.g., area, distance, bearing)
  • Supports modern coordinate systems that consider Earth’s crust movement

Key features:

  • Accurate and reliable: Blue Marble has a strong reputation for data accuracy.
  • Extensive functionality: Provides a wide range of geospatial capabilities.
  • Flexible: Integrates seamlessly into various development environments.
  • Well-supported: Includes documentation, samples, and technical support.

Who uses it:

  • GIS professionals
  • Software developers
  • Scientists and researchers
  • Anyone working with geospatial data


  • Requires a paid license
  • Free evaluation version available

I hope this short description helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about Blue Marble GeoCalc SDK.


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