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Redefining standards in aerial surveying

WingtraOne’s drone image outputs allows to create highly-accurate orthomosaics and 3D models.

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Waterproof drones

Execute your missions in all weather;
Get a High-Quality view of the area;
Drop life-saving equipment to help victims;

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Delivering high quality services

We provide drones and professionals for the implementation all your projects.

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We deliver high quality aerial drone services

We’re a passionate company dedicated on providing drone services safely, reliably and effectively-on demand.


Ghostysky offers complete drone services capabilities for your project and daily operational needs as easily as reaching out by phone or email. From urban and agricultural areas to industrial locations, we provide the drone capabilities you require.

Trusted Company

Ghostysky services overall provides a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads and pilots. We are a trusted company recognized by our suppliers, partners and clients known by our dedication and professionalism.


We deliver high-quality solutions quickly, safely and at competitive rates. Ghostysky Services is dedicated to deliver 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining top-flight professionalism and equipment in every environment.


We aim to provide best drone based solutions for our clients



Ghostysky & Geo-Orbital Case Study

Case study video in Torres Vedras, with a WingtraOne PPK and Sony RX1RII 42MP and a Trimble R2 receiver as base station.

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