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Global Mapper Pro is an advanced geospatial software program designed for professionals who need more than the basic features of Global Mapper. It includes a wide range of tools for working with imagery, terrain, and LiDAR data. Some of the key features of Global Mapper Pro include:

  • Pixels to Points: This tool allows you to create 3D point clouds, orthoimages, and 3D meshes from drone or UAV-collected images.
  • Terrain Painting: This tool allows you to manually alter digital terrain models (DTMs).
  • Generate Breaklines from Terrain Grid: This tool creates vector line features at distinct changes in elevation/slope.
  • Vectorize Raster: This tool extracts and smooths vector areas from raster image and terrain layers.
  • Advanced LiDAR Processing: Global Mapper Pro includes a number of tools for working with LiDAR data, such as point cloud classification, filtering,

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Global Mapper Pro is a powerful tool that can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Surveying and mapping: Global Mapper Pro can be used to create accurate maps and surveys from a variety of data sources, including imagery, LiDAR, and GPS.
  • 3D modeling: Global Mapper Pro can be used to create 3D models of terrain, buildings, and other features.
  • Site planning and analysis: Global Mapper Pro can be used to analyze terrain, identify potential hazards, and plan development projects.
  • Environmental monitoring: Global Mapper Pro can be used to monitor changes in the environment over time.

If you are a geospatial professional who needs advanced tools for working with imagery, terrain, and LiDAR data, then Global Mapper Pro is a great option.

Global Mapper Pro

All the great features of standard plus…

Terrain painting
Breakline calculation
Advanced querying, editing, segmenting, and filtering of lidar and 3D point clouds
Automatic classification of point cloud data including ground, vegetation, buildings, power lines, and poles
Vector feature extraction from classified point cloud data
Lidar noise identification and removal
Variography and Kriging
Point cloud thinning and vertical and horizontal rectification of point cloud data
Automatic alignment of overlapping point clouds
Visual analysis of point cloud data, including by local density, height above ground, intensity, and classification
Point cloud profiling
Pixels to Points® – Drone/UAV imagery processing to create 3D point clouds, orthoimage, and 3D model
Advanced automated vectorization of imagery and terrain
Support for RTK devices and display of satellite constellation
Built-in editor for Global Mapper scripts
Support for Python scripting
Script Builder tool to record actions in Global Mapper Script
Streamlined mobile data merging


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