GM (Standard and Pro) – Maintenance & Support

Extension for Maintenance & Support of Global Mapper Standard and Pro versions for 12 months period.

(Price on request)

All new product purchases include one year of Maintenance and Support service (M&S), which begins on the date of payment of the original purchase. After an initial license purchase or renewal of M&S, users are entitled to download and license all updates to the software released within that period. M&S also includes access to technical and licensing support. When the twelve-month period is over, users have the option to renew their M&S services, allowing them to retain their initial level of access and support.Extens

As users approach the end of their twelve-month M&S contract period, they will be contacted via email with the option to renew the service. If M&S is not renewed but is then purchased at a later date, the agreement will be retroactive to the original renewal date, beginning one year after the original purchase.


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