Manti 3 Plus Phantom Drone Parachute (Suit)

Manti 3 Plus Phantom Parachute (Standard):

  • Parachute area is 1.1 times that of the Manti 3
  • Replaceable parachute cabin design
  • Long endurance with 150mAh battery
  • Light weight, does not affect the battery life of the drone
  • 32-bit ARM processor, instant deploy parachute in 0.5 seconds
  • Suitable model: Dji Manti3 plus Phantom series

(Price on request)

Replaceable parachute cabin

It is more convenient to reuse and has a variety of safety performance options

The new generation Manti adopts a replaceable parachute cabin design. The parachute cabin includes power units and tools.

After rescuing the aircraft, the parachute cabin can be quickly replaced. At the same time, it can be divided into standard version and plus version, both of which are common, so as to adapt to more models

*When changing from Manti 3 parachute to 3 plus parachute to adapt to Phantom series UAVs, be sure to change the Manti software version to phantom version.

32-bit ARM processor

Omnidirectional attitude and barometer data are collected and processed in real time to distinguish the flight state of the UAV in milliseconds. IMU and barometer summarize the scores. Once you perceive that the UAV is in a dangerous situation, you can respond instantly in 0.5 seconds, and then issue the parachute opening command, so that you can fry without panic and land calmly.

Long Endurance

The 150 mA battery gives you a pleasant endurance experience.You can charge the UAV for 30 minutes at a time × 6 times flight endurance.The battery power can be viewed immediately, and the power alarm function.

Manti 3 Return to Phantom

The area of the parachute cloth is 1.1 times that of Manti 3, so it can adapt to the heavier DJI Phantom Series UAV. The test average deceleration is 5.5m/s (Phantom 4). It does not affect the upper RTK module and the lower PTZ.

Weight 0,5 kg


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