WingtraOne position lights

WingtraOne pair of position lights (1 X RED, 1 X GREEN).

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The green and red wireless LED flashing position lights can enhance the visibility of the drone in the air. As an optional add-on, they are fixed with velcro on the right and left wingtip. While they hold solidly during flight, they can easily be removed anytime. The lights can be set to flash in one of three different strobe patterns and are charged with a micro USB.
If you are not required to have lights in your country and/or use case, you can continue to use the WingtraOne without position lights.

These lights can help the operator determine WingtraOne’s position and flight direction. They are particularly effective in hazy light conditions and at dawn, nightfall or night. Under some circumstances, they increase the maximum line of sight. Since they help to ensure visibility across a wider range of conditions, they can increase safety.

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