GC3-T 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Thermal Camera

GC3-T is a thermal camera with 3-way gimbal with the features of a high-performance thermal camera.

Camera compatible with waterproof Splash Drone 4.

  • Water resistant with IP67 protection.
  • 3-axis gimbal (tilt/balance/turn).
  • Thermal camera, High sensitivity camera (light season) and LED spotlight.

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Waterproof Thermal Camera

Swellpro’s waterproof 3 axis thermal camera combines both a high resolution thermal infrared camera and a full HD low-light camera with a dimmable LED flashlight, which can provide both infrared and visible light imaging simultaneously.

Use the thermal imaging to identify objects of interest, then quickly switch to the low-light mode to better identify the object with more detail. The integration of the GC3-T with the SD4 empowers lots of industries to accomplish their missions smarter and faster with far less risk and cost.

The aerial thermal imaging can help firefighters see through smoke and farmers monitor crop health from above, or to assist in search and rescue operations.


3Axis Gimbal Thermal Camera (GC3-T)

Waterproof: IP67
Axis: 3 axis(pitch,roll,yaw)
Pitching angle: -90°to 0°
Maximum control speed: Pitching 60°/s
Weight: Approx. 450g
Size: 110*100*115mm
Low Light Camera
Image Sensor: 1/2″ 2M Starlight CMOS
Lens: FOV: 66°
Burst Photo: Shut/3/5/10pcs
Interval Photo: Shut/1/3/5/10s
Video Resolution: FHD: 1920*1080 30/60p | HD: 1280*720 120/60p
Max Video Stream: 64Mbps
Picture Format: JPEG
Video Format: MP4 / MOV
Support Memory Card: Micro SD CARDS with a maximum capacity of 128GB, write speed ≥15 MB/s, and transmission speed of Class 10 or above or UHS-1 rating are supported
Working temperature: -10℃ to 40℃
IR Camera
Image Sensor: Vanadium oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector
Lens: 19mm/25mm
Resolution@frame rate: 640*512 @30p/48p/50p
Palette: White hot / black hot / Rainbow / Rainbow high contrast / iron red / lava / Sky / medium gray / grey red / purple orange / Special 1 / warning red / ice fire / cyan red / special 2 / gradient red / gradient green / gradient blue / warning green / warning blue
Crosshairs: Show (default), hide, move
Contrast Ratio: Slider adjustment (0-255), default middle value
Brightness: Slider adjustment (0-511), default middle value
DDE gear (image enhancement): Off / On (default on)
Temperature measurement OSD on / off: Off / On (the default displays the highest, lowest, and center point temperatures)
Temperature measurement unit: Centigrade, Kelvin, Fahrenheit
Temperature measurement alarm: Off, low temperature alarm, high temperature alarm, high and low temperature alarm
Low temperature alarm setting: -20℃~+150℃
High temperature alarm setting: -20℃~+150℃


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