Droniq GNSS-LTE transponder HOD4track for H520


The Droniq GNSS-LTE transponder HOD4track for the H520 is a device for the transmission of own position data for UAS and other aircraft (e.g. helicopters). It contains an LTE modem and a SIM card. The device transmits its current GNSS position via mobile network to the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system of DFS.

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The device is capable of receiving FLARM and ADS-B from surrounding air traffic and sending this data additionally to its own position to the UTM system. The UAS operator receives the UAS own position and the position data of other relevant air traffic in the vicinity via the web based UTM tracker. At the same time, the HOD4track transmits its position via FLARM (flight alarm). In this way, the aircraft also becomes visible to other airspace users in the vicinity who use FLARM. The HOD4track and the associated antennas can be mounted precisely on the H520 using a special housing.

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