GS-100G handheld LiDAR

The Geosun GS-100G is a handheld LiDAR scanner designed for capturing high-resolution 3D data in various indoor and outdoor environments. It combines a compact and lightweight design with advanced LiDAR and positioning technology to provide accurate and efficient data acquisition.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Both GNSS and SLAM support
  • Designed for outdoor and indoor uses
  • Internal batteries and external power supply


  • Laser sensor: Hesai XT-16
  • POS system: Geosun AGS 302 (GNSS + IMU)
  • Camera: 3x5M Pixel RGB Cameras
  • Software: PointCreator Post-processing software (Pepertual license)

13.220,00  Exc.VAT (16.260,60  Inc. 23% VAT)

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GS-100G is a kind of handheld LiDAR scanning system independently developed by Geosun company.It adopts a simple design with a small body, so as to be light to carry, easy to operate and flexible to install.With a variety of sensors, it can quickly capture a wide range of scene data, support multi-platform and multi-mode operation, and combine GNSS, INS, LiDAR and SLAM algorithms to achieve seamless survey of indoor and outdoor scenes.


System Parameter 
Point Cloud Accuracy 5cm@100m without control point
Weight 1.8kg(withth battery)
Battery Parameter 4.2V 3400mAh
Storage Build-in Flash memory 64GB,

Support microSD 256GB.

Voltage Range 12V-18V
Dimension 17.2*10.6*38.9cm
Working Temperature -20℃-55℃
Carrying Platform Hand-held, Multi-rotor and Vehicle
System Consumption 25W


POS Unit
Model gSpin 210
Update Frequency 200Hz
GNSS Signal Type GPS  L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2

BDS  B1C/B1/B2/B2a/B2b/B3


Position Accuracy Horizonal 0.02m  Elevation 0.03m
Pitch Accuracy 0.015°
Roll Accuracy 0.015°
Heading Accuracy 0.040°


Laser Unit
Detection Range 80m@10%,Max Range 120m
Range Accuracy 士1.5cm
Channel 16
Horizontal FOV 360°
Vertical FOV 270°
Points Rates Single echo 320,000 Points/Sec,

Dual echo 640,000 Points/Sec.


Camera Parameter
Resolution 3*5 MP
FOV Horizontal 270°
Shooting Mode Isochronous


Package LiDAR

LiDAR Scanning System gAirHawk GS-100G is packed by suit case with EVA material liner inside, then covered by hard carton box. It is suitable for air shipment and sea shipment.

Weight 0,7 kg


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