GS-260F Lidar

The Geosun GS-260F is a mid-range, compact LiDAR point cloud data acquisition system specifically designed for UAV applications. It integrates a high-performance HESAI Pandar 40P laser scanner, a GNSS and IMU positioning system, and a storage control unit, enabling real-time, high-precision mapping and surveying from drones.

Compatibility: DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK and Yuneec H850RTK

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Geosun gAirHawk Series GS-260F Drone LiDAR Scanning System

gAirHawk GS-260F is a kind of Mid-range, compact LiDAR point cloud data acquisition system, integrated HESAI Pandar 40P laser scanner, GNSS and IMU positioning and attitude determination system, and storage control unit, is able to real-time, dynamically, massively collect high-precision point cloud data and rich image information. It is widely used in the acquisition of 3D spatial information in surveying, electricity, forestry, agriculture, land planning.


gAirHawk GS-260F gAirHawk Series GS-260F Drone LiDAR Scanning System
Item Name System Parameters
GS-260FParameters Weight 2.1 kg
Measuring accuracy Less than 0.1m/0.05m(@150m)
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Power range 12 V- 24 V
Consumption 20 W
Carrying Platform GS-800 Multi Rotor, DJI M300, DJI M600 Pro
Storage 64 GB storage, maximum support 128GB TF card
Lidar Unit


Measuring Range 0.3m-200m@20% Reflectivity
Laser class 905nm Class1 (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Laser line number 40-Channel
Max. range 200 m
Mix. range 0.3 m
Range accuracy ±5cm (@0.3m~5m), ±2cm (@0.5m~200m)
Scanning frequency 10HZ, 20HZ
data Double echo 720,000 Points/Sec
FOV 360°, adjustable
Laser sensor HESAI Pandar 40P
POS Unit Update frequency 200HZ
Heading accuracy 0.017°
Pitch accuracy 0.005°
Rolling accuracy 0.005°
Position accuracy ≤0.05m
GNSS signal type GPSL1/L2/L5 GLONASSL1/L2 BDS B1/B2/B3 GAL E1/E5a/5b
Pre-processing software POS software Output information: position, speed, attitude
Point cloud software Output point cloud data format: LAS format, custom TXT format
Camera FOV 83 Degree
Effective Pixel 26 Mega Pixel
Trigger event Distance or Time trigger


Weight 0,8 kg


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