South N80 rugged tablet

The South Instruments N80 is a rugged tablet designed for use in field applications, particularly those involving Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data collection.

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GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System):

  • Integrates a high-precision GNSS module for accurate location tracking.
  • Possesses a professional high-sensitivity antenna for improved signal reception.


  • Equipped with a 5G network modem for high-speed internet connectivity in the field.
  • Includes WiFi for wireless data transfer.
  • Offers Bluetooth for short-range communication with other devices.

Display and Operating System:

  • While the exact display size isn’t widely mentioned, it’s described as a large-size screen, ideal for viewing maps.
  • Runs on the Android 6.0 operating system, though some sources suggest there might be variants with different versions.


  • Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Details on specific certifications (like dust/water resistance) are unavailable.

Other Features:

  • May include a high-frequency power board for reliable operation.
  • Compatible with third-party Android apps, expanding its functionality.

Overall, the South Instruments N80 is a specialized tablet for professionals working in surveying, mapping, and GIS data collection. Its emphasis on GNSS accuracy, communication options, and a large screen cater to these field-based applications.

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