Tethered system R standard

The Tethered system, our new YCAP Certified Accessory, is the ultimate in tethered drone systems for the H520 and H520E. It consists of a ground power station, a lightweight tether on a reel and a Universal Aerial Power Supply (UAPS) that combined, power the H520 and H520E for hours at a time.

With a lightweight power supply at the drone end, it ensures that the payload capacity is maximised. The system is safe and easy to use, with a battery back-up in case of failure.

(Price on request)


  • It allows the drone to stay in the air for extended periods of time
  • Up to 50m of flight altitude
  • Lightweight aerial power supply
  • Lightweight tether 8.4g per metre
  • Versatility and Portability – 4 different systems available that can be operated directly from a vehicle or from a mains supply
  • Tether Tensile Strength 98kg
  • Get access to new applications: permanent air surveillance, telecommunications, traffic monitoring, sophisticated industrial inspections, air quality monitoring and live broadcasting
  • Battery back-up in case of failure – approx. 4 minutes for landing
  • Safe to use – Low Amps/Low Current



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