Wingtra Oblique Sony a6100 payload kit

Optimized to map vertical structures, the Oblique Sony ɑ6100 allows you to generate high-resolution 3D meshes with centimeter-level absolute accuracy.

Optimised for 3D
WingtraOne’s oblique solution with the fast-triggering ɑ6100 camera and wide-angle 12 mm optics in a tilted mount makes for the optimal solution to map 3D structures, from single buildings to full-scale cities.

  • Sensor type – 24MP APS-C
  • Lowest GSD – 1.6cm/px
  • Coverage at 120 m 180 ha at 3.9 cm/px GSD*
  • Absolute horizontal accuracy down to 2cm** Without GCPs
  • Horizontal field of view 90° (-45°…45°)
  • Vertical field of view 66° (-18° … 48°) tilted to the front
Weight 0.5 kg


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