GS-100E Lidar

UAV LiDAR Scanning System with Integrated Multispectral Camera Geosun GS-100E.

The Geosun GS-100E is a high-precision 3D LiDAR scanner designed for capturing high-resolution 3D data in various indoor and outdoor environments. It combines a compact and lightweight design with advanced LiDAR and positioning technology to provide accurate and efficient data acquisition.

Application for Forestry survey, Water quality monitoring, Agricultural condition monitoring, Power line patrol, Disaster assessment

Compatibility: DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK and Yuneec H850RTK

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LiDAR Scanning System Application for 3D Surveying and Mapping

GS-100E is a UAV measurement system independently developed by Geosun Navigation. It highly integrates laser scanner, GNSS satellite positioning system, INS inertial navigation system and multispectral camera, to meet the needs of different industries such as agricultural condition monitoring, water-saving irrigation, resource survey, agricultural condition monitoring, river ecology, disaster level monitoring, target identification, aerial work, regional mapping, etc., especially in the field of agricultural surveys.


Item Name System Parameters
GS-100E Weight ~1.75kg
Working Temperature -20-+55°
Power Range 12 V- 15 V
Consumption Average 20 W
Carrier DJI M600 PRO, M300 and other brand
Storage 64 GB storage, maximum support 128GB TF card
Lidar Unit Measure Range 190m@10% Reflectivity, 260m@20% Reflectivity, 450m@80% Reflectivity
Laser Class 905nm Class1 (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Laser Line Number Equivalent to 64-beam
Range Precision 2 cm
Data Triple echo, 720,000 Points/Sec
FOV 70° the circular view
Laser Model Livox Avia
Pos Unit POS Type AGS 302
Update Frequency 200HZ
Heading Accuracy 0.040°
Pitch Accuracy 0.015°
Rolling Accuracy 0.015°
Position Accuracy 0.02 – 0.05m
GNSS Signal Type GPSL1/L2/L5 GLONASSL1/L2 BDS B1/B2/B3 GAL E1/E5a/5b
Pre-processing software POS Software Output information: position, speed, attitude
Point Cloud Software Output point cloud data format: LAS format, custom TXT format
Multispectral Camera FOV HFOV 48° VFOV 37°
Focal Length(mm) 5.2
Resolution 2064*1544
NIR Resolution 160*120
Ground Pixel Resolution GSD: 5.2 cm/pix, AGL:120 M


Weight 0,8 kg


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