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Aerial professional solutions

We develop aerial solutions for business requirements

We guarantee the best professionals for your project with the focus of providing high-quality service for you.

Corporate Drone Policy
Ghostysky works closely with your corporate legal and executive management team to ensure that your internal drone services includes:
1) multi-tiered safety best practices and disciplined operator judgment skills,
2) full and continuous compliance with ANAC regulations, and
3) is ready to upgrade or scale if necessarly easily and efficiently.


Strategy Development
Ghostysky specializes in developing custom Drones services for the implementation of solutions. Based on detailed project information and clients input, our team develops a custom project plan for implementing an effective, self-sufficient drone aerial intelligence solution in your requirements.


Certified Professionals
Our high-skilled instructors are certified for the training sessions required for the use of our professional drones. We have the experience and expertise to help you and your team, delivering them the know-how for the flight and management of our drones. This includes:
1) Evaluation of the teams and trainees for leveling the experience, 2) Extensive overview about legal and technical information, 3) Technical flights demonstrations by our Instructors, 4) Flights performed by trainees with supervision of our Instructors


Field Expertise
Ghostysky technical service teams consists in a true enterprise business experts. We are pioneers in the field of Drone Light Shows and in the VTOL Drones projects implementation. We are always searching the best High-Technology Drones for our services, always with the main purpose of giving to our clients the best solutions for their projects.

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We deliver large-scale aerial light shows using numerous colorful drones in custom formations. Our drone displays are the perfect tool for tailored branding of grand outdoor events.

Our professional drones can be equipped with the best photogrammetric-grade cameras and lenses for specific aerial surveying applications, offering an absolute accuracy on cm level even on a larger survey site.

In our featured drone marketplace page you will find information related to our professional drones that you can buy or loan.