Providing high-precision aerial surveys

Analysis, Mapping and 3D Models

Photogrammetry, how it works?

Capturing data

Multiple overlapping photos of the ground below are captured asour drone flies autonomously along a flight path that we specify beforehand. This ensures we don’t miss anything and enough image overlap is achieved.


For mapping, our drone use photogrammetry technique, and the output of this is normally a map, measurement or 3D model of a real-world object or scene.

Image processing

Our Map platform generation software easily enables us to put together a comprehensive survey of land fllight by our drone, providing the capabilities of generation of maps in several formats, for several specific analysis

Lidar, how it works?

Capturing data

LIDAR, which stands for “light detection and ranging,” sends out pulses of laser light and measures the exact time it takes for these pulses to return as they bounce from the ground. It also measures the intensity of that reflection. 

3D Models

A 3D output map from LIDAR provides elevation information, which can be colorized based on either elevation or intensity to aid interpretation. High-end LIDAR systems perform well when capturing data over power lines or other small-diameter structures. 

Our services applications

Mapping applications across industries

Surveying and GIS
Cadastral maps
Topographical surveys
Precise measurements
Land management
Urban planning

Monitor plant health
 Perform plant count
 Optimize plant ROI
 Assess losses after major weather event

Environment and Research
 Population monitoring and control
 Classify areas
 Volume measurements
 3D models of sites
 Tracking construction progress
Mining and Aggregates
Mine or quarry monitoring and operation planning
Road monitoring
Slope monitoring
Hazard identifications

Enter in Aerial Surveying and Mapping

The solution All-in-one

Outputs Aerial map types

With its range of best-in-class drones and cameras, we can produce stunning, highly-precise aerial maps.

Orthomosaic Maps
2D georeferenced orthomosaic maps
3D Reconstruction
3D point cloud
Texture map
Digital surface and terrain model (DSM, DTM)
Contour lines
Multispectral imagery
Index map (NDVI)
Chlorophyll map
Weeds ½
Single images
Single images / orthophotos

 Digital Elevation Models
 Digital Surface Models
 Canopy Height Model
Contour lines