We create a perfect Drones Light Show for your event!

Turn your events into unparalleled and 
unforgettable moments!

Tell us what your vision & requirements are and we will exceed your expectations.
Examples of our Drones Light Show...

Our Shows

We create the best between technology and art!

Drone formations

We deliver aerial light shows using numerous colorful drones in custom formations. Our drone displays are the perfect tool for tailored branding of grand outdoor events.

3D Sculptures

Artistic 3D animated drone sculptures capture life-like movements of figures, such as objects, animals or people in realistic motion.

Logo & text

We create specific logos and texts in the sky as a perfect personalization of our clients events

Animated colours

Our shows are full of animated colors related to the the shapes and formations of the show


Drone light show with 20 drones in real speed (August2020@Leiria).

Drone light show with 20 drones in real speed (October2020@Leiria).

Drone light show with 20 drones in real speed (@Leiria).

What could you expect for your Drones Light Show? In our shows, we provide drones light animations in simple and complex formations, adding logos, texts, colors, music and many more features.

We create Drones Light Show for all types of budgets and events: concerts, conferences, traditional festivities, wedding and many more. Due to Portugal’s summer fires, Drone Light Shows is a perfect alternative for the prohibited traditional fireworks in several areas.


Our main values


  • Anti-interference Flight Controller
  • SwarmLink Data Link
  • Real-time Kinematic
  • Centimeter-level Accuracy


  • Swarm Control Ground Station
  • Approved flights for entertainment
  • Best professionals in the field
  • Hi-Tech Drones and link hardware


  • 15-minute Performing Time
  • Light Changing with 32 Colors
  • 3D shapes, texts, logos and more
  • Animated figures