DJI Authorized Dealer

Ghostysky is an Authorized Dealer!

Ghostysky is officially an Authorized Dealer of DJI Enterprise products, for drones and accessories in series like Matrice 30, Matrice 350 or Mavic 3.


New mobile scanning kit

Discover the new mobile scanning solution from Pix4D and Emlid: RTK precision with powerful photogrammetric software.

Wingtra Lidar

Explore the realm of LIDAR applications

Combines efficiency, ease of use, and reliability to create exceptional digital terrain models, revealing terrain beneath vegetation.

Emlid RS3

Launch of new Reach RS3

RTK GNSS receiver with tilt compensation. Survey grade precision,even in hard-to-reach spots.

Wingtra RGB61

Faster mission, larger area and less data load

Designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals in industries such as surveying, mapping, and inspection!

Yuneec H850

Flight up to 65 minutes, 15 km of video transmission range

New design of H850 RTK offers more safety, power, efficiency, stability and capacity to carry heavier payloads.

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Redefining standards in aerial surveying

WingtraOne’s drone image outputs allows to create highly-accurate orthomosaics and 3D models.

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Waterproof drones

Execute your missions in all weather;
Get a High-Quality view of the area;
Drop life-saving equipment to help victims;

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Delivering high quality services

We provide drones and professionals for the implementation all your projects.

We deliver high quality aerial drone services

We’re a passionate company dedicated on providing drone services safely, reliably and effectively-on demand.


Ghostysky offers complete drone services capabilities for your project and daily operational needs as easily as reaching out by phone or email. From urban and agricultural areas to industrial locations, we provide the drone capabilities you require.

Trusted Company

Ghostysky services overall provides a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads and pilots. We are a trusted company recognized by our suppliers, partners and clients known by our dedication and professionalism.


We deliver high-quality solutions quickly, safely and at competitive rates. Ghostysky Services is dedicated to deliver 100% customer satisfaction by maintaining top-flight professionalism and equipment in every environment.


We aim to provide best drone based solutions for our clients


1. Drone and accessories selection

Our professionals suggest drones and accessories that fits best the requirements of the client's project.

2. Digital transation process plan

Based on the client's project, a process plan is made for the digital transition and shared with the client.

3. Training sessions

Ghostysky provides training sessions for new drone pilots, but also for the use of other products like post-processing software.

4. Implementation support

Ghostysky help and support the implementation of the new processes with drones and accessories on client side.

5. Continuous follow-up

After new drone processes in place, Ghostysky will proceed with a continuous follow-up with clients in order to validate their good execution and evaluate possible improvements.

6. Project update, new requirements

On the continuous follow-up it's possible to find new needs for the project. It's also possible to have new needs based on new requirements.

Drones for all industries

Some examples of applications and types

Aerial Photography & Videography

Allow for remarkably nimble flying, capturing images and giving access to areas that were not possible before.


Allow inspection teams to stay on the ground and inspect assets from the drone's controller.

Spraying drones

Allow to automate the dispersal of agrochemicals with a high degree of accuracy, digitizing agriculture and smarter farming.

Surveying & Mapping

Using sensors, such as RGB or multispectral cameras, or LiDAR payloads, drones can capture quickly a huge amount of data.

Emergency Response

Can assist teams on site in managing the impact of a disaster/crisis both during and after the event.

Drone Light Show

Illuminated, synchronized, and choreographed groups of drones that arrange themselves into various aerial formations.




Photogrammetry cloud points, Orthomosaic, DTM or DSM are some outputs used in the visualization, monitoring and analysis of the project phases, being part of the core decision-making process.


NDVI, NDRE or Chlorophyll map are some filters among otthers used in precision agriculture for the  analysis and management of cultures. With data it’s possible to make decisions in order to mitigate future damages in cultures and increase plant ROI.


LiDAR can be used to create detailed maps of terrain, buildings, and other objects. This data can be used for a variety of purposes, such as planning construction projects, assessing damage from natural disasters, and monitoring environmental changes. Among the output data we could find  Point clouds, DTMs, DSMs, Intensity images and Color images.

Ghostysky & Geo-Orbital Case Study

Case study video in Torres Vedras, with a WingtraOne PPK and Sony RX1RII 42MP and a Trimble R2 receiver as base station.

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